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Email Marketing, Branding & Newsletters

The right type of email marketing plays a vital part in marketing and should always be included within your budget.

The use of e-marketing from branded emails to newsletters is a quick and easy way to market your services or products to the masses. With the use of databases available from major companies like Yell, BT or others you can target market your emails or newsletters. But of course your own database provides the best direct marketing opportunity to promote direct to your visitors or clients.

These examples below show an extensive difference in the way email marketing & newsletters can help in the promotion of events, activities, offers or general information.

Sending options.

Option 1: basic entry level - £250.00
No initial system setup fee
Sending cost - Free Upto 1000 email addresses per month (£7.50 +vat per 1000 thereafter)
Stat reporting - basic only number results showing opened, bounced, received etc
Domain handling sent from your own email domain

Option 2: Standard level
Initial set up fee £75 +vat (one off fee)
Sending cost - £45 per month ( £540 +vat per year) Upto 1500 email addresses per month (£9.25 +vat per 1500 thereafter)
Stat reporting Per newsletter - Full stat package email breakdown and link reporting
Domain handling sent from your own email domain

Option 3: Advanced option (the best on the market for reporting and conversions)
Initial set up fee £695 +vat (one off fee) white label send as many emails from as many domains
Sending cost - £99 per month ( £1188 +vat per year) Upto 5000 email addresses per month. Roll over if not used, roll over to the next month allowance
Stat reporting Per newsletter - Advanced full stat package including google links and goal conversion, email breakdown, link reporting, geographical reporting
Domain handling sent from your own email domain

Design and proof costs

Option 1: £225+vat
To provide a one off template layout which is editable by you using html code within notepad, (small knowledge of coding required). You can then import the code into your chosen mail programme.

Option 2: £800+vat 12 months contract
This option provides you with the best services where we do all the work for you - you simply send us the brief text and images and we do the rest.

1) We design and provide an initial newsletter proof
2) Amend the proof content unlimited times over the year (ideal for weekly newsletters)
3) Revise the design anytime during the 12 month contract period
4) Store all amended newsletter
5) Unlimited design proofs

Looking at the options above if you are looking at sending out on average 350 emails per week 1400 per month, which I assume will increase of the next 12 months I would advise option 2 or 3.

Of course option 3 + option 2 is by far the best system to use at a total cost for the first year of £2483+vat ( 0.04 per email) and then an annual fee of £1788+vat ( 0.02 per email) there is an initial outlay but using this system you can convert your campaigns and target loyal customers directly.

Email Campaign Tracking:

Use your email marketing to gather the correct information with an in-depth analysis of your permission based email marketing with statistics which include...

  • Each individual who has been sent an email
  • Who has opened it, how many times and when
  • Who has forwarded it, how many times and when
  • Who has clicked on one or more links, what those links were, and when they clicked
  • Pages visited and path that individual visitors have taken after they've clicked through to your own website
  • Undelivered emails ('bounce backs') along with the specific reason, again by individual
  • Replies to your emails
  • Who have requested to unsubscribe from your mailing list